Why study in Charisma University?

A “Better, Faster, Cheaper and Easier” way to get an ACCREDITED Degree!

Better”: People in Hong Kong and other Asian countries can get a high quality ACCREDITED degree without having to give up their careers and families in order to go overseas to study. They can complete our programs 100% in their home country, taking full advantage of online or distance learning which is the wave of the future. A recent study reported, “The 2010 U.S. Department of Education’s Review of Online Learning Studies” found that students who took all or part of a course online perform better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction. Similarly, a study conducted in the same year by the internationally known scholars Mickey Shachar and Yoram Neumann that analyzed 20 years of research on the topic showed that in 70 percent of the cases, students who took distance-learning courses outperformed their counterparts who took courses in a traditional environment. Evidence like this cannot be ignored” (CAPP, October 6, 2011).

Charisma University’s distance education model is even better, because it is custom-tailored for the Asian countries. Our Asia Pacific Office Partner Charter Management Association (CMA) with its 21 Authorized Promotion And Recruitment Centers, will promote and recruit students to study the distance-learning “top-up” final year BBA, MBA, EMBA, DBA, Ph.D and Ed.D degree programs in Hong Kong. CMA will offer assistance to students in completing their various degree programs within the time-frame for graduation. Furthermore, our expert faculty will help outstanding students publish their research in peer-reviewed conferences and international journals. This is a service which no other university offers. As a side note, a CMA Honorary President himself is a distinguished Full-bright Scholar, who has published more than 200 publications in high-quality peer reviewed journals!

Charisma University is also unique in that we give special consideration for people who lack English proficiency. For years, folks such as these have been denied entry into or graduation from ACCREDITED universities. For these students, we offer them the option to complete their assignments in their native Chinese language. This is consistent with our vision to make ACCREDITED university education accessible to everyone in the country, including those coming from rural areas where English proficiency may be very low to non-existent.

Faster”: A huge advantage of Charisma University’s programs is that motivated students can complete a degree program much faster than in a traditional university. For instance, it usually takes an average of 2 years to complete a typical US/MBA program, whereas our MBA program can be completed in as little as 9 months to a year. One reason for this is that we value our students’ unique backgrounds and provide academic credits for their prior work experience or trainings.

Cheaper”: As everyone knows, studying in the USA today can be very, very expensive. Not only are tuition fees skyrocketing beyond the means of an average citizen in Asian countries, one has also to account for other expenses like travel, accommodation and food…etc. All in all, it can easily cost a foreign student at least USD80,000 a year to study and live in a place like California.Because of the special relationship with Charisma University, CMA is able to make their programs very affordable to everyone in Hong Kong. Through CMA’s specific mechanism, the degree programs are offered at much lower tuition fees. For example, the ” top-up ” final year BBA program costs only HKD19,800 for qualified members of CMA’s various related Professional Associations in Hong Kong, whereas in US it normally costs USD19,000. Similarly, the MBA program in US which normally costs USD15,000, is now offered in Hong Kong for only HKD29,800 for qualified members of CMA’s various related Professional Associations(almost a 75% discount!). Not only will the student pay much less for the tuition fee in Hong Kong, he or she will save tremendously on travel and living expenses by not having to study and live abroad.

Easier”: Charisma University’s vision is to make ACCREDITED degree programs accessible to everyone in the world, so that they too can realize their “University dream”. In order to do so, Charisma University realizes that it has to be flexible in its admission policies, in order to adapt to the realities of the local market. For example, SAT or TOEFL is not required for entry into the BBA program. For admission into the MBA program, there is no need for students to take TOEFL, GMAT or GRE. Local Diploma students are eligible to do a “top-up” final year BBA program. Since the tragic day of 11 September 2001, it has become increasingly difficult for foreign students to go to US to study. Students who have been accepted by the US universities are often denied an entry visa at the local American Embassy. Charisma University’s distance learning model has made this problem irrelevant: instead of students having to go and study in US to get an American degree, Charisma University is now bringing various ACCREDITED degree programs right into their home! Finally, for people who are worried about their English proficiency but don’t have the time to improve their English skills, Charisma University’s unique learning model is flexible enough to accommodate them, because they have the option to do their assignments and projects in their native Chinese language.


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